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Our Business

The Lessee Advocate, LLC is a research firm publishing practical information for corporate executives who use equipment leasing to improve their financial performance and want to improve their leasing operations. Our focus is on the community of corporate lessees. We publish interviews with Fortune 1000 executives, white papers, articles, case studies, benchmark data, and how-to information

Our research activities include:

  • In-depth interviews with finance, procurement, operations, and IT executives from Fortune 1000 lessees.
  • Articles on a variety of technical subjects with insights from experts on the subject.
  • Surveys of our online and email newsletter readership. We survey portions of our readership on what’s working, and share Executive Summaries of results with the entire community.
  • Collection and analysis of “best of” research data published by other research firms and service providers for equipment lessees. We’re constantly reviewing research reports and white papers for data that might prove useful.

Please note: Lessee Advocate is not a consulting firm, nor are we a financial research firm available for hire. We’re a business research and publishing company that just happens to serve the equipment lessees.

We launched Lessee Advocate in 2009. Please recognize that we are just starting a process ourselves of continuous improvement and we have a long way to go. Please be patient with us and give us your suggestions.

Our Mission

Our name “The Lessee Advocate” refers to our objective to help corporate lessees get great results from their leasing endeavors by giving them research on ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’. The word “Advocate” here means “one that supports or promotes the interests of another”. In this case, it’s the interests of the corporate equipment lessee.

We see our job as helping executives responsible for equipment leasing (and the financial team they work with, and the stakeholders they serve) get the information they need when they need it to excel in the management and performance of their leasing responsibilities. For corporate lessees, this responsibility involves the financing of equipment as part of their company’s capital expenditure process and the management of that equipment and the lease throughout the lease term.

Our Target Audience

Our research is intended to serve finance, procurement, operations, and IT executives and the leasing professionals that serve them. We believe these executives are underserved and overworked. Because they have many other responsibilities besides leasing, they do not have the time to develop and maintain expertise in the many dimensions of leasing and leasing operations. We can help them succeed by putting practical know-how at their fingertips.

For example, Treasurers, Controllers, and CFOs have a wide variety of responsibilities (capital markets, cash management, balance sheet optimization, risk management, investor relations, etc., etc.) and are typically short-staffed. If leasing is managed by a non-finance executive (such as the VP of Procurement or the CIO) lessor competition, lease structuring, leasing operations, lease accounting, and portfolio management are likely outside their expertise.

By comparison, a lessee’s counter-party — the lessor — is doing lease transactions everyday. This results in an asymmetrical relationship. Part of our role is to help lessees self-educate to establish parity in leasing transactions. We want to enable all corporate lessees to engage lessors with a commensurate level of expertise and confidence.

Lessees often face even greater challenges internally. Leasing is a complex, cross-functional, interdepartmental process. It is difficult to establish a leasing process for the first time, especially in decentralized corporate cultures. Scaling a leasing program and managing the leases, assets, internal stakeholders, and lessors throughout the lifecycle – especially at the end-of-term – is daunting for every company. It is our job to identify each incremental problem facing corporate lessees and discover practical solutions that have been deployed and tested by their peers.

Our focus is exclusively on helping the players inside a Fortune 1000 corporate lessee to be more effective, including:

  • Treasurers, Controllers, CFOs
  • Leasing Managers, Analysts, and team
  • Procurement executives
  • Operations executives
  • CIOs and their teams

While some of our research may be interesting to lessors, such as leasing companies, banks, independents, and vendor captives, they are not our focus. There are already numerous associations out there that serve this community.

We are more interested in helping those executives who are using leasing as a tool to acquire equipment and grow their company and want to improve their leasing operations.

To find out if you qualify as a member of our target audience, here is the test: If your company leases equipment – we are here to help you. When you subscribe, the information will come directly to your email inbox as often as we publish it.

How To Get Coverage

Feel free to email your story idea to service@lesseeadvocate.com and we will make sure the right Lessee Advocate researcher gets the information.

However, be aware that we are *not* a news organization but rather a publisher of interviews, whitepapers, case studies, benchmark data and how-to best practices.

Our researchers would appreciate your help in identifying client-side executives who would make good subjects for our Case Studies. We’ll ask them specific questions about leasing, leasing operations, lease accounting, asset management, lessor management, and tactics they have personally used, and we’ll expect them to be able to speak to results in some meaningful way.

Yes, leasing companies, law firms, accounting firms, and consulting firms are invited to talk about programs they manage for clients, as long as some sort of results information is included, and the client can be contacted for a quote.

You don’t have to write any whitepaper or case studies for us — we do all our own reporting and writing. Just help us arrange the interview!

No, we do not typically pursue or accept editorial submissions from outside authors. Our content is researched and created by our in-house team of leasing-savvy writers.

Suggestions Please

Do you have a suggestion to improve our site or other services? Or, perhaps an idea for something new you think we should be doing? We’re here to serve your needs. We can only do that well if you tell us what they are.

Please send us your suggestions by clicking here: Suggestions Please.

Thank you.