Equipment Lessee Handbook

20 Best Practices for Equipment Lease Management

What a Finance Executive Must Do to Satisfy Auditors, Shareholders and Internal Stakeholders

Use this Handbook to learn:

Key Regulatory and Compliance Issues for Equipment Leasing

  • How leasing is impacted by Sarbanes Oxley regulations
  • How the IFRS and FASB accounting board views equipment leasing
  • How leasing impacts sales taxes, property taxes and corporate taxes
  • How leasing helps with compliance for WEEE and RoHS

Top Challenges Fortune 500 Companies Face with Leasing:

  • Poor management of lessor relationships
  • High dependency on spreadsheets
  • Week management of End-of-Term

Read the 20 Best Practices for Equipment Leasing

  • Defining the best leasing strategy to support your business goals
  • Best way to sourcing capital for new leases
  • How to evaluate lessor performance
  • Reducing end-of-term and evergreen fees
  • Implementing closed-loop asset level accounting

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